in anticipation of where i'm going, i'll soon forget where i've been.  days fade to night, the sun chases after the moon in a swirl of blue.  my eyes now overstimulated with endless blue skyscapes, and an unfailing array of blue pigment forming ocean.  it's no surprise i struggle to grasp the day of the week.  just the same, all calendar dates have been long dismissed.  so to remember how it all unfolds, i've decided to journal about days, venues, and amusing souls along the way.  otherwise, recalling events will be based sheerly on imagination; something that quiet often eludes to a fantastical post.  so far, i did not dream this, only lived it.  hold on.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


my thoughts numb.  yet racing.
my pulse quickening with every breath.
veins constricting.
my heart flittering uncontrollably in my chest.
palms sweating.
limbs tingling.
wind tangling my hair.
knees bend for an impressive surge of momentum.  

5. 4. 3. 2.  i jumped on 2.
and i'm flying now.
wide eyes.  arms extended, ready to catch the world.  
with an arched back, and wings ablaze, i begin falling.
265 feet.
the ground is tumbling toward me, and i am chasing after it.
my brain fights to keep time with my body.  
river.  trees.  brown.  green.  my eyes dance in an overstimulation of rapidly approaching landscape.  and then i bounce.  and spring.  and regress.  
i didn't realize i was holding my breath until i began breathing again.  now i'm swinging , and human pendulum swirling as one with the world.  spinning and singing with the wind.
i let out a few celebratory war cries and announce my arrival.  
my heart considers slowing, my breath won't conceive of it.  
i am high.
punch-drunk on adrenaline.  and life.  

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