in anticipation of where i'm going, i'll soon forget where i've been.  days fade to night, the sun chases after the moon in a swirl of blue.  my eyes now overstimulated with endless blue skyscapes, and an unfailing array of blue pigment forming ocean.  it's no surprise i struggle to grasp the day of the week.  just the same, all calendar dates have been long dismissed.  so to remember how it all unfolds, i've decided to journal about days, venues, and amusing souls along the way.  otherwise, recalling events will be based sheerly on imagination; something that quiet often eludes to a fantastical post.  so far, i did not dream this, only lived it.  hold on.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

more. or, less.

choosing one path, means abandoning all others.

a troublesome dichotomy that doesn't wash down with morning coffee. instead, that lump grows, and transforms, and conspires to consume me. maybe you, too. how do you decide on forever? and what is ever-after? my mind wanders. and treks. and drifts. and dreams. pushing me out of consciousness, and suddenly pulsing and pricking my thoughts.
erect. and unsure.
this isn't the 5K some 20-somethings make it out to be. and who are those nameless kids anyway? perhaps i'm mistaken anger for uncertainty. yet the restlessness grows exponentially.
i search for flights.
i dream of paris.
i plot to squash the need.
yet i'm not unhappy.
sleep more, dream less?
is that the cure..

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